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Dubai Visa


E – VISA Price : 9,500 BDT
Duration : 60 Days

Embassy Information

Delivery Time:Takes 5 to 7 Business Days Or More Approx

02. Visa fees can be increased at any time

03. Cosmos Holiday is not responsible for the delay by

Terms & Condition

01. Passport will be collected by giving the original copy of the money and Manirisat.

02. For Visa Processing, minimum 7 to 45 business days or more may be required and no pressure can be given to the Causes Authority for visa delivery.

03. Cosmos is not responsible for the delay in visas by embassy.

04. To withdraw the visa, you will be able to withdraw from ambulance through the application and the time specified by the application.

05. Before the visa, the purchase of advance tickets does not support cosmos holiday. If a person purchases a ticket before the visa and does not have a visa, all the liabilities will be borne by the customer.

06. Thailand Malaysia Singapore If these countries are able to submit papers before 2pm, then the file will be submitted to the next working day.